Through this website, I would like to have feedback from Expert in the Pricing area and also their feelings about their very own jobs...

And by the way, I am currently looking for a pricing/client finance position in a Service company, please have a look at the "Contact" page to access my online resume and my Linkedin public Profile

I have a pretty "simple" approach on the pricing because since I started doing it, I had to build "simple" pricing for an audience which had to compare quickly oranges with oranges and make sure they had the best deal possible.

I am working in a transactional business environment with a non stop decreasing sales price which forces TMC's and other business players to be creative on ancillary and value added services for their customers. The great challenge being to always offer more services and at a higher quality with a flat or increasing bottom line... This small industry, in which everyone knows everyone, is a surprisingly creative one, Sales and Pricing Teams are inventing new financial models and new ways to meets two very different needs: a comprehensive and acceptable sales price to the customer and a comprehensive and acceptable profit level for the Finance Mgt.

That’s probably why I do enjoy being in a position which could be considered as being between a rock and a hard place: just between Sales and Finance… Very different needs, very different targets, very different ways to understand and analyze figures, but same final objective: a profitable sale. That’s where I do believe pricing is a great area of “figures translation”, especially in a transactional business world: pricing teams are here to create simple pricing, even if often based on complex costs basis and a wide costs structure: many countries, many assumptions, different culture, different market position from your company… All that has to be quantified and translated in a simple and comprehensive pricing model…

I strongly believe that the costing part of my work could be very complex, the visible part of the pricing should always be simple enough for the client and he should be able to easily calculate its total costs of services. Hidden costs and small prints will often result in a customer/supplier relationship where the lack of confidence will be harmful for both parties.Specialties:Building complex pricings for Multi National and Multi Cultural Travel prospects. Ensuring client financial expectations are met and internal profitability at the same time. Creativity in the Financial models and clarity of those for the internal and external clients.